Detailed Feature List


  • PVP Only: Global damage / healing reduction by 5% (6.6% for healing) every 10 levels, up to a maximum of 30% (40% for healing) reduction at level 60 and beyond. (Not applied under WOTLK expansion)
  • Additional class balance/tweaks for expansions prior to WOTLK, you can find the details here
  • All raids scaled to 10man with proper balance.
  • Instant mail delivery.
  • All Flightpaths unlocked.
  • 60% riding + mount free at lvl 20
  • Transmogrification.
  • Crossfaction Groups,RDF,BGS,Arenas.
  • Realm firsts (bosses) award special and exclusive rewards. (click here to see more about it)
  • Level realm firsts for lvl 60/70/80 that award titles depending on your class and race. Check this page for more info.
  • Dual Spec available in all expansions and it's free at character creation.
  • Battlegrounds give experience and are an alternative to normal leveling.
  • Quest items are 100% drop rate and party-shared.
  • Players can queue RDF and BG at the same time.
  • Custom Hardmode system - players can increase the difficulty of the dungeon and receive extra badges.
  • Attunements for dungeons and raids. (only for specific patches, for example when BWL opens the MC attunement is not needed anymore, basically the attunements from the current patch are removed on the next one)
  • Blood elves and Draenei available in all expansions
  • Anti-AFK bg queue system - players who dodge queues or fail to respond to them get deserted.
  • Automatic Spell Learner. (including class quest spells, epic mounts excluded)
  • Darkmoon Faire changed to match every Sunday
  • Vanilla rare spawn of Mount Vendor (once a month) that sells mounts like:
    Reins of the Bengal Tiger
  • Warlock soul shards stack.
  • Random Dungeon Finder at max level of current expansion does reward a special bag that gives an extra emblem and has a chance to drop a random rare/unobtainable mount or TCG special loot.
  • You will receive an extra RDF bag through mail if you queue as healer or tank.
  • Account-wide Mounts/Companions/Attunements.
  • Instances lockouts are half of their original value. (for example: a raid with 7 day lockout is now 3.5 day lockout).
  • Professions skill ups award experience. Formula: (new skill value * player xp rate) Example: If you're leveling from 300-301 on x10 rate it's like 301x10 = 3010 xp
  • Being able to queue arena anywhere.
  • Dungeon Finder in all expansions.
  • Jewelcrafting available on TBC.
  • Inscription available on WOTLK.
  • Death Knights available in all expansions.


  • World Buffs removed
  • Vanilla mechanics restored. (example: rune dousing in MC, but only necessary for MC release patch).
  • PVP ranks and titles (PVP gear can be obtained depending on your rank). the amount of kills necessary for certain ranks is scaled , check it here
  • Added resillience to PVP gear, to help balance.
  • PVP epic gear gets released with AQ patch.
  • Badge System that allows you to buy previous patch gear (vendors unlock depending on patch), these badges can be obtained by doing RDF or raiding.
  • Arena + 2 custom arena seasons and arena rewards.
  • Level 60 class/race realm firsts.
  • Vanilla Onyxia's Lair.
  • Vanilla Naxxramas.
  • AQ War Effort.
  • Scourge Invasion.
  • Adapted spells cooldowns for professions like Transmutes and such.
  • Riding prices adapted to Vanilla
  • Set requirement changed to help other specs (all tiers and other sets) (examples: warlock T1 -> can also be used by shadow priests | warrior t1 -> paladins/DKS | rogue T1 -> druids ...)
  • Warlocks have access to Soul Well and mages to Refreshment table in Vanilla.


  • Pre-nerf TBC stats.
  • Adapted spells cooldowns for professions like Transmutes and such.
  • Riding prices adapted for TBC.
  • Catch-up mechanism based on Badges of Justice currency (gear from previous patch).
  • Heroics don't require keys, they require reputation instead (honored min).
  • Heroics/Raids wont drop BoJ before patch 2.3 (only obtainable via RDF random queues or other quests)
  • Auction house/PvP Vendors/Training Dummies added to Shattrath.
  • If you die in Outlands, you will get a Ghost Gryphon, so you can fly while dead.


  • Chained progression and emblems. (example: you need to complete Naxxramas to be able to enter Ulduar)
  • All changes done in previous expansions are restored to normal WOTLK behavior.


  • No pay-to-win, we sell mostly cosmetic stuff.
  • Vote & Vote Rewards.
  • Armory.


AQ War Effort
Server-wide event that precedes the opening of AQ
Scourge Event
The Scourge Invasion was a world event that heralded the opening of Naxxramas.